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with the goal of reinforcing natural speech. But as audiovisual (AV) technology has advanced, modern churches are being created with more auditorium and presentation-centric technology to aid both attendees and the worship leaders in the delivery of the message.
In today’s contemporary worship service, AV technology is a fundamental part of the experience for services in houses of worship that are both newly built or have been around for hundreds of years.

Recent Projects

Fellowship Campus

IES designed and installed a campus wide audiovisual solution for a House of Worship in Baton Rouge, La. This system is made up of three projectors in the main sanctuary, as well as a robust audio system with over 30 mic inputs. There are three more projectors in the youth classrooms, as well as a projector in the gymnasium. This system is designed for each room to run independently or be used as an overflow from the main sanctuary. All video and audio can be routed to each of the other rooms so the children can watch the service when they are in the classrooms. This is a state of the art audio and video solution that required a complex custom program to control all of the components. IES employees designed, programmed, and installed this entire project.

Methodist Church Youth Building

IES completed a design build project to furnish and install audiovisual equipment for the expansion of a Methodist Church Youth Building in Baton Rouge, LA. The areas of expansion included the Conference Center, the Junior High School Café, and the High School Lounge. Through the use of projections systems in all areas, along with sound and control systems, the Church is able to provide young people with a high tech multimedia experience. The Conference Center systems allows presentation of a variety of programs and productions. The Café  and Lounge area systems help to provide a great area for the kids to relax and hang out!

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