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A well-designed conference room includes tools that foster easy collaboration, such as a big-screen monitor, and all-in-one conferencing solution, and whiteboards for impromptu writing, drawing, and more. Hybrid Meeting Rooms have become essential in today’s working environment. A hybrid meeting room is a conferencing space with all the physical equipment and software technology needed to help participants join meetings from home and office locations, share content, state audible, and collaborate in real time.

Recent Projects

Regional Medical Provider Board Room

IES recently completed installing a new state of the art presentation and communications system in a board room for one of the region’s largest medical providers.

Features include the ability of attendees to present information from several sources, including but not limited to PCs, Blu-Ray Players and Satellite Television. Also, inputs for various electronic devices are located within the conference table. Inputs blend into the table when not in use thus limiting the impact on the room’s aesthetics.

Technologies present, provide a variety of conferencing options for board members including: Video and telephone conferencing; webcasting; cameras with the ability to capture multiple angles or presets; discreet microphones so that audio can be captured from any location in the room (deleting the traditional individual microphones). Presenters can send camera shots, presentations or both simultaneously to the far end participants. Additionally, audio and video can be streamed and/or recorded.

The technology that IES has incorporated into this board room allows members to conduct meetings, presentations and conferences in a very functional, attractive and comfortable space.

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